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Coastal Health provides comprehensive primary care services specializing in a whole-person approach to healing. As a functional medicine doctor who specializes in hormone health, Dr. Detorres seeks to support your physical, mental, and emotional health by co-developing proactive healthcare plans that help you establish sustainable lifestyles to feel your best. Dr. Detorres and her team use evidence-based therapies to identify the most beneficial and least harmful approaches that allow the body to heal naturally. 

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Welcome to Coastal Health by Dr. Alisha Detorres

Where your health matters, in a welcoming environment and with people who care.

“Dr. DeTorres is a kind and very considerate doctor.” 

She listens, asks questions, and then together you find solutions to looking and feeling your best. She is non-judgmental and isn't there to tell you what to do, but asks you what you feel is best and then supports you in your efforts. She is very knowledgeable and friendly and open and honest. Highly recommend!

We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to navigate with you.

Because your well-rounded and thriving life is our priority.

Our pledge is to provide tailored guidance and unwavering support as you seek optimal health. Count on us to offer personalized attention, pioneering approaches, and treatments backed by solid research. We're committed to becoming your reliable ally, working to break down barriers to healthcare, making it easy to understand and access. 

Feeling lost in the maze of wellness options?

Dr. Alisha Detorres

“It is a privilege to serve each patient that comes to my office. I feel honored to join them on their journeys to better health.”

Her objective was to introduce a fresh approach to care, one that would accompany her patients on their paths to well-being, tending to their physical, mental, and emotional states. Her mission is to collaboratively devise proactive healthcare strategies with patients, guiding them in forging enduring lifestyles and experiencing optimal well-being.

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With a notable focus on functional medicine, particularly within the realm of hormone health, Dr. Detorres established Coastal Health. 

 Meet the Founder & Medical Director of Coastal Health 

Dr. Detorres completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Alaska and the American Military University before receiving her Doctorate in Functional Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. During medical school, Dr. Detorres completed rotations in rural family medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology, and emergency medicine. She maintains professional memberships with both the Washington and American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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Dr. Alisha Detorres provides evidence-based tips to address hormonal imbalances, boost gut health, and enhance vitality. Learn to optimize your energy, mood, and libido through personalized care and functional healing techniques. Empower yourself to take control of your health with actionable steps to kickstart your wellness journey. 

Coastal Health Services

Functional primary care encompasses a comprehensive range of healthcare services aimed at promoting overall well-being. This approach includes regular check-ups and examinations, enabling early detection of health issues, and it also involves laboratory tests to assess various aspects of one's health. Additionally, functional primary care extends its support to acute care, addressing immediate health concerns and providing holistic treatment options for patients.

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Counteract the effects of natural aging encompassing mood fluctuations, diminished libido, lowered energy, weight gain, and more. Hormone-level testing provides crucial data to tailor treatment to individual needs and alleviate specific symptoms.

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Regenerative medicine harnesses the body's own cells to heal damaged tissues, offering a medication and surgery-free approach. Unlike conventional methods that manage chronic pain, regenerative therapies aim to restore both tissue structure and function by bolstering the body's innate healing capabilities. These safe and effective treatments are available for joint areas like the hip, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, typically performed in an outpatient setting, allowing patients to regain function on the same day.

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These injections extend beyond pain reduction to inflammation control and improved range of motion. Suitable for various joints, such as the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine, and ankle, they promise a comprehensive solution. 

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Every day, your body carries out numerous essential processes to maintain your health, all of which rely on a proper supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other vital substances. Consider the impact on your well-being when your body lacks these essential nutrients – you may experience sluggishness, drowsiness, and delayed healing. Nutrient therapy, delivered promptly and directly through intravenous (IV) treatment or single-shot injections, can effectively provide your body with the essential nutrients it requires to function optimally.

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Embark on your weight loss journey under the guidance of Dr. Detorres. Coastal Health’s weight loss management assists both men and women in shedding weight, addressing underlying causes, and cultivating healthier habits. 

Connect with us to explore how Dr. Detorres can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The Vibrant Wellness Program

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We begin each phase with comprehensive specialty testing that can be done at home to create a custom treatment plan to get you back on a path toward wellness.

Our assistant will begin the onboarding process prior to ordering the appropriate tests to get you started on your journey

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Phase 1 - Gut/Chronic Viral
Phase 2 - Neurotransmitters/Hormones
Phase 3 - Environmental Toxins, Heavy metals

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